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2021 Project Appleseed in WV  

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Project Appleseed in 2021 Has some exciting new events!

In addition to the regular two-day Project Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship clinics, Appleseed has added Half-day Rifle events, and the brand new Project Appleseed Pistol Clinics!

Known Distance Clinics
There are full-distance (400 yard) Known Distance (KD) clinics and Rimfire Known Distance clinics (200 yard) on the calendar of our surrounding states. We hope to add a KD in WV this year. These events move beyond scaled targets at 25 meters and push shooters and equipment as they engage targets at distance, from all the positions Appleseed teaches. You have to have attended a prior Appleseed event but do not have to be a Rifleman. You can earn a KD Rocker (patch), qualifying at these. Go here to find out more.

"Introduction to Project Appleseed" Half-day Clinics
But wait, there's more! This year we are adding "Introduction to Project Appleseed" half-day clinics. We know not everyone has busy schedules, and may not have a weekend to dedicate to rifle marksmanship. The half day will cover nearly all of the instruction we provide in a full clinic but focused on the prone position. While you cannot earn a Rifleman patch at a half day, it would be a great opportunity to see if Appleseed is for you, a friend, or a family member. And you will sure have a zero on your rifle by the end of it! Sign up for one in WV here.

Private Clinics
Do you have a private group that wants firearms safety instruction, and to learn Rifle or Pistol Marksmanship skills? We have already worked with several groups on private events, such as MilSeeds for military units looking for training or youth groups like the JROTC, Boy Scouts, etc.
If you have a group that would be interested in a private event, feel free to contact me.

Patriot Pistol Clinics
Last but certainly not least, we are also working to add one or two new Patriot Pistol events to the schedule. Patriot Pistol focuses on pistol handling and marksmanship skills - it is a challenging course of fire for even experienced pistol shooters but will certainly bring a new shooter along very quickly as well. And you will be as proud of your "Pistoleer" patch as you are of your Rifleman patch.

Project Appleseed will come to your school, lodge, post, or any organization that can give us approximately and hour and-a-half to tell the lively, captivating, exciting, and true story of the founding of our Country (No firearms involved). It is the same "Three Strikes of the Match" heritage and history we tell at regular Appleseed events. Again, if you're interested, contact me.

Attend a Project Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship Clinic!
(In Kearneysville, WV, hoping to add more WV ranges)

Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship clinics are fun, and your shooting will improve!

Also, you might learn some things... do you know:
• When and where did the Revolutionary War begin?
• When and where was the American Revolution won?
• What caused the Regulars (British Redcoats) to break and run in less than 2 minutes of fighting at the North Bridge?
• Who fired the first shots on Lexington Green?

Can you shoot 4MOA or better? What's an MOA?

Learn all these things and MORE at an Appleseed!

How much do these things cost?

What do I need to do to get ready?
Bring a semi-automatic rifle with at least two (2) magazines so you can shoot the course of fire being taught. No bi-pods, and bring at your own ammo.  Bring Lunch and lots of water.


We hope to see you on the line in 2021!

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