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WV Concealed Handgun License Questions  

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I have some questions and I hope that some of you can help.

I understand that a license/permit is no longer needed to carry a handgun in West Virginia for people who are allowed to legally own guns and are over 21.  The WV Concealed Handgun License still exists for reciprocity purposes.


  • Is the WV CHL available to out of state applicants?  The application form has a place state of residence and does not indicate whether residency is required.
  • If the CHL is available to out of state applicants, are there specific sheriff's departments that are recommended for submitting an application (or some that are not recommended)?

The reason I am asking is because the WV CHL is valid in Minnesota because your laws are substantially similar to theirs and I am seeking a way to lawfully carry in MN without traveling to North Dakota to get one of their permits.


Topic starter Posted : 03/04/2021 8:34 am